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Customer Testimonials

Don't believe the hype. See for yourself what customers are saying about us...

Before: 170BHP | 280NM
After: 240BHP | 360NM

I had been looking to get a remap for a while but had been hesitant from all of the horror stories. I found Motortech & got chatting to Fabio. Such a friendly & knowledgable guy. We talked about the whole process over the phone & made me feel completley at ease about it. Fab came and mapped the car on my lunch break at work & its completley transformed the car. The flat spots have gone and it spools up so much faster with oodles of torque to use. Its really progressive and drivable which is perfect as its my daily. Thanks Fabio.


Before: 420BHP | 550NM
After: 540BHP | 800NM

My car is now insane! Unbelievable and cannot be explained with words! It feels completely transformed and im shocked with the difference. Thanks Fab.


Before: 135BHP | 200NM
After: 200BHP | 300NM

Nothing to fault at all, very polite, on time, and made sure everything was okay before he left.

Lewis watson

Before: 140BHP | 310NM
After: 175BHP | 380NM

I can only reiterate what the other reviews say. I had a remap for economy on my Jeep which has a VW 2.0 engine. Such amazing results I went from 35mpg to 45mpg. Fabio also did a full service and changed the cam belt kit for me. Finally an honest mechanic


Before: 150BHP | 235NM
After: 175BHP | 280NM

Fab mapped my girlfriends Mokka today. It pulls so much nicer with good power delivery, and noticeably smoother! I wasn’t expecting huge gains as it is only a small engine but we’re both very impressed with how it feels and performs now... 5* service

James Sharp

Before: 102BHP | 250NM
After: 150BHP | 330NM

I already had a map from one of the big advertised companies and while it gave plenty of power occasionally there was a flat spot and was sometimes tricky to pull away smoothly. After Fabio had remapped it was a different van , same power but butter smooth right through the rev range and so much better on pull away, feels like the clutch has been replaced. Thanks so much for your work . Top notch.


Before: 265BHP | 350NM
After: 330BHP | 430NM

Had my car mapped by fabio, great and knowledgeable guy very professional, my car that I thought had power being 265bhp standard and a moderate 350 torque with dsg box is now a complelty different car putting a smile on my face everytime. Fabio managed to stage 2 map my car giving it an impressive 330-340bhp impressive gains torque pushed up to about 430 great for a petrol engine, launch control added. Moving forward fabio recommened that i also remap my dsg box (something I did not know about), I took his word for it and boy what a difference clean crisp gear changing with ease not to mention the lovely DSG pops on gear change. Highly recommend this company for future work , dont think about it just use this company you will not be disappointed.


Before: 140BHP | 320NM
After: 180BHP | 400NM

Fabio did a remap and service on my VW Golf 2.0 GT Sport. Firstly the service he does he uses top quality parts and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than a main dealer service but fabio does it on your drive way. Wicked. The remap I went from 140 to 180+ omg how much better definitely worth the money. Definitely would recommend him and I have and several of my work colleagues are booked in with him. Top quality. Hard to find nowadays.


Before: 102BHP | 250NM
After: 140BHP | 310NM

Had my 1.6 Caddy remapped it’s like a new van !! Drives really well and much more power. Highly recommended, very knowledgeable, and a friendly service, I’m actually looking forward to driving to work tomorrow.


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